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Rene Rye Magnac

Rene Rye Magnac

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750ml  |  ABV 42%

Fine Aged French Armagnac meets Spicy American Rye Whiskey. Two unique things coming together to form something better is not a new idea; sides of a coin, mind & body, black & white, and like the bottle in front of you – American Rye & French Armagnac. At first it might seem strange but, as you think about the possibilities, it grows on you. Where individually they are potent & bold, together they are complementary & smooth. Whether you prefer to drink René straight, on the rocks, or blended in a cocktail you can’t help but wonder how nobody considered this before.

Yes, there really is a gold coin on a bottle.

To match the theme of duality that René himself embodies, each bottle of Rene has a collectable coin under the wax. These are custom designed, numbered, and minted for each batch.

There is 1 solid 18 k gold coin, 15 sterling silver coins, and the rest are solid copper coins unique to each batch.


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  • Nose

    Caramel, Butterscotch, Vanilla, Forest, Fig

  • Palate

    Smooth Candied Orange, Pecan, Leather

  • Finish

    Pecan Pie, Spicy Pepper, Rye, Oak